Become a product supplier

Efasal is creating the biggest agro input franchisee model for the first time in India.
Efasal centers will have all the best quality + best brands agro products under the single roof.
Efasal is a service based company wherein we connect different agro stakeholders in a single platform.

Our Vision

To make agriculture profitable by:

  • Building effective supply chain in backward linkage
  • Building effective supply chain in forward linkage
  • Reducing cost of agriculture
  • Helping in quality production

Our Mission

  • Making the agro supply chain efficient by reducing stake holders in chain.
  • Reducing input cost by easy access to quality and rightly priced agro inputs to the farmers
  • Creating direct selling model from the factory to farm
  • Creating jobs at village level
  • Providing technical support to the farmers for improving productivity and quality of produce.

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